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Bowe Bergdahl: Could he have lost English skills?

Posted By _carlrobinson on Language - The release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban captors this week has raised many questions. One of interest to students of language and psychology: Is it possible that the young man from Idaho lost much of his ability to speak and understand English during his five years as a prisoner in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Speaking up about Indigenous language demise - ABC North and West SA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Posted By _carlrobinson on Language - A South Australian professor is concerned about the future of the state's Indigenous languages and what their loss would mean to the confidence, culture and knowledge of land for Aboriginal people. Dean of Aboriginal Scholarship at the University of South Australia, Peter Buckskin, discussed the issue with presenter Annette Marner.

Saving the Comanche language

Posted By OxySupportTest on Language - A little more than a century ago, the Comanches were known as Lords of the Great Plains, renowned for their horsemanship. Today, Cable-Kreger is trying to pull her language back from extinction. Her reason is simple: “I don’t want the language to die,” she said.

Learning Polish Is A Plus

Posted By OxySupportTest on Language - Polish Saturday schools enrich the educational and – to some extent – the cultural landscape of Britain. Thanks to them, thousands of British residents broaden their horizons and skills, a very positive step. Some Poles will surely stay in the UK, but the awareness of their identity will make it easier for them to contribute to the multicultural society of Britain.

How do people lose their native language?

Posted By OxySupportTes on Language - It's well known that brain injuries can have an impact on language loss, but emotional trauma can also affect it. Among German Jews who fled the country during the Holocaust, Dr Schmid says the loss of language was far more dramatic the greater their trauma.

Welsh language theatre launches translation app for English speaking audiences - Telegraph

Posted By hyperlingo on Translation - A new app that will help audiences enjoy plays in foreign languages in being
launched by a Welsh language theatre company

Munich University 'Abandons' German Language As Masters Courses To Be Taught In English

Posted By hyperlingo on Education - One of Germany's top universities has been criticised for "abandoning" the country's language as plans were unveiled to teach all of its masters' courses in English.

Munich Technical University (TUM) is ranked 53rd in the world but has a...

Learn a new foreign language (with no words...)

Posted By hyperlingo on Language - Scholastic opinion varies on the percentage to which body language is part of human communication. But verbal communication needn't be the only alternative. Fascinatingly, there are still places where people are actually not lost without words.