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Counseling the Limited English Proficiency Patient

Posted By hyperlingo on Everything Else - The most common languages spoken around the world are Chinese, Spanish, and English.[1] An analysis of the United States 2010 Census found that over 60 million people spoke a language other than English.[2]

Language is not restricted to humans: Scientists find bird species with its own language

Posted By hyperlingo on Language - Joining sounds together to create a meaningful language was thought to be a human characteristic, but a new study published in PLoS Biology found that blab

Australia should tread cautiously on UK-inspired English language tests

Posted By hyperlingo on World - One reform the Abbott government is considering as part of sweeping changes to Australia’s citizenship regime is the introduction of English tests for all new citizens.

Migrants learning English can be crucial to integration, whether in Australia, the UK or any other Western country. But Australia should be cautious in how closely it follows the UK in this reform.

Babbler birds found to use language, just like humans do

Posted By hyperlingo on Language - Language: the ability to create meaning out of a complex arrangement of acoustic sounds. It has been a huge contributor to mankind’s success in this world. We’re able to string together vocalizations to create words that illustrate ideas, which help us communicate and understand. Humans were thought to be alone in this ability, but scientists have discovered another, highly social animal that can do the same on the Australian Outback.

Columbia University Press to Publish New Translations of Russian Literature

Posted By hyperlingo on Translation - MOSCOW — Russian and American academics, publishers and Russian government officials announced on Saturday that they would collaborate on an ambitious new series of Russian literature in translation to be published by Columbia University Press.

US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain – only Mexico has more | US news | The Guardian

Posted By hyperlingo on World - US has 41 million native speakers plus 11 million who are bilingual with highest concentrations in New Mexico, California, Texas and Arizona