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Can Google Build A Typeface To Support Every Written Language? : Code Switch : NPR

Posted By hyperlingo on Technology - Google recently announced a font family, Noto, that aims to include all the world's written languages. But it may prove to be an even more ambitious effort than self-driving cars.

Looking back at 40 years of French as Quebec's official language

Posted By hyperlingo on World - On July 31, 1974, then-premier Robert Bourassa passed Bill 22, a language law that would go on to lay the foundation for what is arguably the most recognizeable piece of Quebec legislation: Bill 101.

Confusing to refer to Chinese dialects as languages

Posted By hyperlingo on Language - Mr Luke Lu’s commentary “Debunking myths in revitalising Chinese languages” (July 30) presents some good, valid points. However, his use of the term “language” to mean dialect seems unnecessarily confusing.
One is free to adopt any of the various definitions of language and dialect. In China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South-east Asia, though, “Chinese language” refers usually to the Han written script; dialects essentially mean vernaculars related to specific regions in China.

Bluebeards and brainiacs: literary characters who enter the language | Books |

Posted By hyperlingo on Everything Else - From Mrs Malaprop to Lothario to the Grinch, some characters leap out of the pages of fiction and into the dictionary. Here are some of the best