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How accurate is Google Translate? It's alright, but not all right (infographic)

Posted By hyperlingo on Technology - We all rely on Google Translate to some degree, wether it�s working out an email from a foreign friend or establishing how to order the steak, medium rare, in Milan. But is it any use?

Emojis now more popular than acronyms, says Instagram

Posted By hyperlingo on Everything Else - Omg. Lol is, like, so last century. Or, for those readers still insisting on using words: oh my God, internet slang – including acronyms such as lol for “laughing out loud” – has become decidedly old-fashioned.

Copenhagen man revives Viking ‘forest’ language

Posted By hyperlingo on Language - A rare Nordic language used by a tiny forest community in Sweden is a hot topic at an international linguistics conference in Copenhagen this week, as Scandinavian language experts campaign to stop it dying out.

Fantastic words with no easy translation in other languages – Quartz

Posted By hyperlingo on Translation - Warmduscher, in German, refers to a Goldilocks-like person who only takes warm showers, implying that he is a bit of wimp. Gurfa, in Arabic, is the amount of water than can be held in one hand. Nunchi, in Korean, is the art of listening and gauging another's mood. We have all met these people or felt these emotions, but probably...

Cannes 2015: how foreign-language film-makers took over English-language arthouse | Film | The Guardian

Posted By hyperlingo on Everything Else - This year’s film festival is dominated by movies made in English by non-native English-speaking directors. Is this an ominous sign of Hollywood killing off foreign cinema?