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Things You Need to Know About Learning a Foreign Language - Expat - WSJ

Posted By hyperlingo on Education - If you don’t speak the local language of your new home, try to learn. You will have ups and downs. Count on it. When I was learning Spanish, I replied “My cat is dead,” to what I later realized was an inquiry about what I wanted for dinner.

Internet Slang Meets American Sign Language

Posted By hyperlingo on Everything Else - As language evolves, the powers that regulate language tend to shift. Just look at the Oxford English Dictionary, who added terms like “duck face,” “lolcat,” and “hawt” to their prestigious lexicon this past Decemb...

ASL Dictionary Shows You How to Say Words in Sign Language

Posted By hyperlingo on Language - Sign language can be complex to learn because movements are difficult to convey without watching someone do them. This video dictionary helps you learn new words in sign language with actual humans demonstrating the movements.

Google launches Gmail in Burmese, the email’s 74th language

Posted By hyperlingo on Technology - Gmail is now available in the Burmese language. ― File picSAN FRANCISCO, Feb 26 ― Google said yesterday that Gmail is now available in Burmese, marking the 74th language for the popular email service.