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Chirps, whistles, clicks: Do any animals have a true ‘language’? - The Washington Post

Posted By hyperlingo on Everything Else - A new study on animal calls has found that the patterns from seven different species appear to be more complex than previously thought.

House of tutor: Dialect coach brings Gaelic authenticity to ‘Outlander’ | New York Post

Posted By hyperlingo on Everything Else - The producers of “Outlander” are all about making the show as authentic as it can be.
That starts with shooting in the foggy hills of the Scottish Highlands — including turning real-life ruin Castle Doune into fictional Castle Leoch, home of the MacKenzie clan, whose exploits are recounted in Diana Gabaldon’s best sellers — garbing the men in real kilts, which are composed of some 10 yards of tartan and then folded by hand; and having the Scots speak Gaelic, the language of the time. That’s why resident hunk Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) often affectionately refers to Claire Randall (Caitriona

Origin of languages: Tower of Babel, proto-languages, and the brothers Grimm

Posted By hyperlingo on Language - The Tower of Babel story is a fanciful attempt to account for a very real question: what was the first language and why are there now so many of them?

The Guardian view on the GCSE results: the foreign-language deficit | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian

Posted By hyperlingo on Education - Editorial: The number of students learning a second language at school is in free-fall

AFP Report Makes Massive Translation Error

Posted By hyperlingo on Translation - On Thursday morning, Agence France Presse reported that Iran told the U.S. that it would help it fight militants of the Islamic State group with one big condition: the U.S. had to lift sanctions over Iran's nuclear program.

According to AFP, Irani...

12 untranslatable words (and their translations) | David Shariatmadari | Comment is free |

Posted By hyperlingo on Translation - David Shariatmadari: Buzzwords: Words like the Portuguese saudade, or Danish hyggelig, can only truly be understood by speakers of those languages. Right?