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Nine ways to use language skills to get a job and boost your career | Education | The Guardian

Posted By hyperlingo on World - Unsure of where your language learning may lead? From choosing the right degree to making your CV stand out, experts at our recent live chat share advice

In Historic Mayoral Race, New Poll Showcases Why Language Matters | Sylvia Puente

Posted By hyperlingo on World - In the country's third largest city, Latinos are almost a third of its population. Still in Chicago elections -- with Latinos making up nearly 1 in 5 registered voters -- they are consistently underrepresented in public opinion surveys....

Lost in Translation: Brits v. Americans — Whose Language Is It, Anyway?

Posted By hyperlingo on Everything Else - Our cousins across the pond may have invented the English language, but over the past 240 years or so, Americans have made some … shall we say … “improvements.” Often, people travel from the U.S. to England wrapped in a sense of comfort, thinking, “Well, they speak the same language, so I’ll be able to get by just fine.”